The automatic beverage dispenser

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Never golf thirsty

The no-fuss, automatic beverage dispenser that serves up your favourite hot or cold drink at the push of a button.

Caddy Advice: Don't be short (On Hydration)

Whether a high performance sports drink or a more recreational choice, your Drink Caddy is always ready with a drink. From the first tee to the 19th hole, drinks stay hot or cold for over 5 hours.

Discreet and portable

The lightweight club-head dispenser fits in easily with other clubs, making a mid-round drink possible at the push of a button. A compact container slides into your bag's side pocket; no need for cans or bottles.

Be the talk of your round

The Drink Caddy's 54oz (1.6L) capacity means your portable beverages can be shared easily. Ensure you're the winner of your foursome. (No matter what you shoot!)

Designed to hydrate

The Drink Caddy has been intelligently designed and built to serve as your ultimate course companion. Here are some of the features that work together to ensure you never golf thirsty again.

Driver Head

Resembles a #1 Driver Head.

Dispenser Button

Dispenses your beverage at the touch of a button.

Shaft Clip

Secures the Driver Head dispenser to your golf bag.

Beverage Container

54oz/1.6 litre capacity and is easily removed for cleaning.

Baterry Powered Pump

4 (included) AAA batteries power the dispense. No pouring or pumping required.

Insularing sleeve

Keeps beverages hot or cold for over 5 hours.

Thoughtfully engineered

Filts conveniently in the larger pocket of any golf bag. No need for cans or bottles.