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We are the TripAdvisor for schools and we want to make information about them more social

We are giving voice to education communities and making information about schools more social.

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Let us tell you how we do it

At SchoolMars, we enable families to grade their schools, helping other families and students to choose the right school for them. On the other hand, we offer schools a powerful marketing tool and channel to attract new potential enrollments.

1. Find the best school

We have probably the most complete schools database in Spain and the UK. Very soon in the Mexico, Brazil and USA.

2. Grade your school

Grade and write an overall comment, and also grade further specificaciones: Communication with parents, teachers, teaching quality, facilities, services offered.

3. Improve Education

Help us build the largest education network in the world. We are disrupting Education by providing real information about schools. We really need to give Education the social value it needs.

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SchoolMars enables schools to MANAGE
their own microsite in the platform.

As a marketing tool, these are all the benefits
if the upgrade their account to PREMIUM

1. Manage your school

We enable schools to publish their curriculum, history, images, videos, facilities, services, among others.
They can manage their own microsite in our platform.

2. Gain online visibility

We create a new channel so schools can attract new potential enrollments through visit and more info requests. We also enable schools to measure metrics and their impact on SchoolMars, and share info on social media.

3. Make Education
a bit more social

Schools can answer comments and ratings from users. With this, the show transparency and good communication with their communities.

4. Win our planets

Every school opts to win our "planets" for education transparency and reputation. With this, schools can make a different from the rest of schools in the country.

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SchoolMars presents the first platform for companies in the Education sector that enables them to reach families, teachers, and schools.

SchoolMars PROMOS / Stage 1: Volume

[currently Beta version]
We focus on volume and gather services and products providers from the Education Sector. We offer them access to the difficult-to-reach education audience.

SchoolMars PROMOS/ Stage 2: Transactional model

Once reached volume of advertisers, we will open a payment gateway to get a % of each transaction.

3. Display

This is the second solution for companies in the Education sector. Many of the largest tech companies are prioritzing Education because of the size of schools´ as clients, and the large audience that represent parents. Therefore, display prices in Education are premium.

Ultimately, our marketplace and display solutions are the perfect
platform that enable advertisers to launch targeted campaigns.

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The Edtech Universe

These are revealing figures of the Edtech sector globally. There is a whole universe to conquer.

Roadmap | 2016-2017


Our content is generated organically by our users. We follow successful growth models such as TripAdvisor or GlassDoor.


Visits in Spain this year

Page views in Spain this year only



Schools in our database in Spain

Customers (schools) since Sept 2015



Registered users in our platform

200% | 2016 vs 2015

Published reviews



School info requests

School meeting requests



Applications to run a school

People who have contacted us


Invest in SchoolMars

Projection and potential

Our platform is ready to replicate its success in other countries, in just an one month work.

In a near future, we will be present in UK, Mexico, US. It would be easy to extrapolate our KPI´s to other countries.


32K schools







Rest of the world


This is our database. In one year, we will have presence
in 500.000 schools around the world. Besides this countries, we also have the databases of schools in Australia, Brazil and France.
We keep feeding our databases to become a global platform as rapidly as possible.

The SchoolMars Team

This is the core of our team, the founding team of SchoolMars. Perfect combination of technology background, experience in Education and experience in digital business.

Improve Education is the small contribution we want to make for changing the world. And we truly believe we can do it. Javier | Co-fundador

As a Teacher, this is a dream to me. A place where I can access reliable, transparent and centralized information about schools. Daniel | Co-fundador

It´s time to grow as a society. It´s time to build a better future Education for our children. Carlos | CTO

It´s the moment to make a decision.
We are opening our funding round in January.

We have already secured and we expected to cover the remaining 175.000€ soon.
We want to make you part of our dream and invest in an exciting sector with tremendous potential.

Start January 15th Objective 250.000 €
Closing 28 February 2017 Equity 20,87%



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